Companies are going straight to code academies for top talent

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As a code academy, we have a number of loyal Hiring Partners, but perhaps the company who has hired the most Developers from Ubiqum is Altran. Find out just how well our programmers and data analysts perform on the job here.

Before we go into companies hiring their programmers and analysts from code academies, let’s get a clear idea of the current demand for such positions. No doubt many of you have heard that there is an increased need for people with technological profiles, or perhaps you are indeed experiencing this in your company right now? However, it’s useful to know exactly what this demand looks like and whether things are set to continue like this for the indefinite future.

What are the job portals saying about code academies?

The Spanish job portal,, indicates that the most in-demand jobs right now are in the IT and technology sector. This is obvious, but which positions are they exactly? Well, the most in-demand job continues to be that of a Computer Programmer, making up 24% of the job market here in Spain, the demand for Programmer Analysts comes close behind at 23%. Combine these two figures and that’s almost half of all jobs in Spain! So, why not inform about the different coding bootcamps and courses of Ubiqum?

Infojobs and ESADE’s yearly report depicts a sharp rise in computer programming jobs, highlighting the need for full stack developers, as these are people who have knowledge of both back and front-end software development. Though this table only shows up until 2016, it is clear that these positions are ever-more solicited and are likely to continue to be so.

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So, with such a high demand for Programmers and Analysts, companies are facing much competition when hiring professionals from the IT and technology sector. No longer is it simply computer software companies like IBM and Apple that need developers and analysts, it’s anything from a clothing company to an automobile company, and clearly companies are struggling to find enough talented candidates as the top ones are quickly snapped up.

For this very reason, companies are having to be increasingly more proactive when looking to hire programmers or data analysts, as if they wait for them to respond to job postings, another company will most likely seize them before they get a chance. Instead, what many forward thinking companies are doing is teaming up with code academies and headhunting the best talent before they’ve even finished the course.

Here at Ubiqum Code Academy, almost half of our students are contracted by companies who actively seek out candidates for their vacant positions by getting in contact with Ubiqum. One way of doing this is by signing up to the portal and posting on the Job Notice Board, where they can post their open positions and have them seen by a breadth of highly skilled, job-ready candidates.

The advantages of hiring from a code academy like Ubiqum:

  • All the students have a high level of English
  • They are trained in complex technical skills, demonstrated in an impressive portfolio of work
  • Because the course adopts a “learn by doing” approach, the students have a great deal of hands on experience and are 100% ready to apply this in the workplace
  • They know how to use the essential programming languages of a Junior Developer
  • They have diverse backgrounds, which gives an added value to their profile
  • They are highly motivated and eager to keep learning

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One of the best things about hiring from a code academy is that the students have highly technical skills and knowledge of the latest programs and platforms. Because, in the case of Ubiqum, they’ve spent 5 months in a highly immersive, mock work environment, and they are therefore fully prepared to start work in a company and often don’t need very much additional training (if any). This is because the programming languages they’ve been working with for the duration of the course are the most widely-used and the skills they’ve acquired are 100% transferable. The areas they specialise in are Data Analytics and Java web development.

With many companies already going straight to code academies like ours for their programmers and analysts, if you haven’t considered this approach to recruiting, we recommend that you do so. Companies such as eDreams Odigeo, Altran, GFT an Slash Mobility have adopted this approach and have been very happy with the result:

“Jaume has fit in great in our company. He knew how to adapt himself to different situations and he demonstrated an incredible technological inquietude. We would definitely hire talent from you again!” —  Slash Mobility

In order to reach a wider pool of talented candidates in the IT and technology sector, you can fill in your details on the Ubiqum Job Notice Board, where you’ll be able to publish your job offers and review potential candidates for web developer and data analyst positions.

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