Coding bootcamp, a new way of learning

Coding bootcamp

This new educating option that constitutes the coding bootcamp is getting more and more attention day by day. Although most of us have already heard about this new coding bootcamp thing, there is still a lot to explain about it. The job market becomes more competitive day by day and professionals are constantly looking for ways to make themselves different from others. Some years ago this translated into the foreign language rush, where everybody looked towards this direction when trying to boost their CV. Today, the key resides in IT skills. IT sciences have become more and more important, changing every industry and professional field. This has caused a great demand of trained IT professionals able to deal with the management and creation of this digital environments. Here is when the coding bootcamp model enters the scene.


Where does the name coding bootcamp come from? Well, this expression comes from the military programs that new recruits attended so as to become prepared military members. This programs or bootcamps were short, only a few weeks or months long. But during that time, the intensity of the training translated in real results that would otherwise take months to get. This high intensity trainings or bootcamps are so effective that have been adopted by other disciplines such as sports or, the one that concerns us here, coding. Forget about the rigid military discipline but keep the daily intensive training: that is what a coding bootcamp is all about. This kind of academic programs have a short time span, but do actually help enrolled students become professional programmers ready to join the job market.

An option unlike no other

There are many reasons why the coding bootcamp model has become so popular in the last years. One of them is the radical difference between this model and other academic options, more traditional, such as college majors. None of the traditional institutions can offer the intensity and personalized attention that make the coding bootcamp model what it is. Attending a coding bootcamp instead of college means that in a few weeks you will get the same amount of practice hours that would take you at least 4 years in college. This is a considerable reduced time span, not even taking into account the cost difference.

A coding bootcamp at UBIQUM

The key to the popularity of this model is that tough, boring and complex theoretical contents are put aside to give more space to practice. Theory can discourage and frustrate many students, whilst practice can actually make them realize their own potential and boost their learning process. For this same reason we like to think that part of our personal brand is our firm belief in the “learn by doing” approach we implement in our courses. This way we make the difference between us and not only traditional institutions but also other bootcamps. At all of our coding bootcamp courses you will be taking part in real world projects from day one. Encouraging enrolled students to write code from the very beginning is one of the keys of the success of this kind of trainings. It doesn’t matter which previous education you have or which professional field you are coming from. At Ubiqum you will be able to find a coding bootcamp that meets all your needs and interests.

If you are looking for a coding bootcamp, don’t wait for any longer and contact us. Our Career Advisors Team will help you solve any doubts you may have and choose the coding bootcamp that suits you best. We are waiting for you.