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Even though we had already moved in Barcelona, we hadn’t yet in the capital. But now, since June we have new facilities for our Bootcamp Madrid. If you are looking for an academy or courses to broaden your education and enhance your professional profile including programing skills, now you can do so with us also in Madrid. Our courses will now be carried out at the WeWork coworking, the best facilities in town!

More than a year ago we moved our Bootcamp Barcelona to WeWork facilities, and it turned out so well we decided to do the same thing in Madrid. We moved to the coworking the same company owns in Trafalgar. It is the perfect place for all of those of you who decide to broaden your education with us to carry out your studies under the best conditions.

Your programming bootcamp at the center of Madrid

We moved our Bootcamp Madrid to these new facilities not only because they are nice and comfortable. They are also very accessible and well communicated. The Trafalgar coworking where we now carry out our Bootcamp Madrid is located in the center of the city, in Trafalgar, Chamberí district. This new location counts with a few metro stations close by, such as Canal, Quevedo and Iglesia. These make it easier for our students to move around.

Another feature that makes this new location an improvement is the space itself. This WeWork coworking offers our students the possibility of meeting other professionals and entrepreneurs. Thy’ll be able to network with these professionals within the facilities. This will help our students find future career opportunities. The Trafalgar located coworking where you now can find our bootcamp Madrid is a very popular place among professionals working for start-up firms and cutting-edge companies looking for proficient workers with programming and web development skills to hire.

This is the perfect environment for the students coursing any of our bootcamp Madrid academic programs. Not only will they be able to broaden their education but also to network and establish key connections that will help have successful careers in the future. Madrid the city itself is already an ideal place to do so. It counts with a booming industry and a broad job market. And these WeWork facilities where we carry out our Ubiqum Bootcamp Madrid are such a strategic location.

Your comfort comes always first

At Ubiqum, we are very mindful about our priorities and even more those that involve our students. Not only do we want to offer top-notch quality education programs. It is a priority for us that our students carry out their studies with us with comfort. While studying at Bootcamp, we want you to focus only on your education making everything else as smooth as possible. That was one of the main reasons why we chose these new facilities to move our bootcamp Madrid to. These premises count with a broad range of services that make these facilities the ideal place for us to offer our academic programs and for our students to carry them out.

Parking space for bikes, wellness room, brainstorming room, events area, showers, excellent quality social areas… These are some of the spaces our students will be able to enjoy in the new premises of our Bootcamp Madrid. As for the services available at the Trafalgar coworking, fresh fruit, tea, coffee and lemonade for free, table tennis or even a fully-equipped kitchen are some of the features that will help you strive even through our most intensive

Check out the programming courses at our bootcamp Madrid, find the one that suits you best and sign up. With Ubiqum you only have to come our facilities, everything else it’s on us.

It doesn’t matter which professional field you are coming from. Programming skills are always a pro point in your professional profile. Sign up for our bootcamp Madrid and shoot for a brighter career. Contact with us.