Blockchain and Data Analytics: what’s all the fuss about?

Ubiqum Code Academy is very excited to announce a collaboration with BIT: Blockchain Institute & Technology and ImaginCafé. The event, entitled Blockchain and Analytics: What’s all the fuss about?, will be led by BIT Barcelona’s Aleix Ordeig and our very own senior data mentor, Daniel Castejón, two experts on blockchain technology and data analyticsJoin us in one of Barcelona’s coolest venues, ImaginCafé, on July 19th at 18:15for an unforgettable evening. If you’re interested in business, technology, finance, or want to feed your analytical mind, this event on blockchain and data analytics is unmissable.

data analytics

Do you know what blockchain means? Or how big data is used to solve complex business problems? Perhaps you’ve looked in to AI and machine learning, but what’s the difference between them and how is the technology sector transforming because of them? Blockchain and data analytics could be a game-changer in business for future years to come, yet the average person knows nothing about them. Ubiqum Code Academy is on a mission to help people from all backgrounds break into the ever-evolving, opportunity-rich world of tech. The purpose of this event is to shed light on some highly complex problems and the technology used to solve them.

Daniel Castejón leads the Course of Data Analyst & Big Data program offered at Ubiqum. Passionate about data analytics, he has experience and knowledge in: Predictive analytics, machine learning, algorithms, data visualisation, data mining, and much more.

data analytics

Alongside Aleix Ordeig, he will be helping you to understand the impact big data will have within the business world.

BIT: Blockchain Institute & Technology is an academic institution founded in Barcelona. It is an international reference in disruptive technology education on blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things: the network of physical devices). Their revolutionary methodology of education, in the form of training programs, is based on virtual presence and practical hands-on projects that deliver an immersive and transformative experience to their students. Their chief technology officer and co-founder, Aleix Ordeig, is a blockchain enthusiast with a devotion to teaching others. He is responsible for the development of BIT’s interactive platform for students and will be presenting his expertise on blockchain at the event on Thursday July 19th.

What can you expect from the evening?

The schedule for the night is as follows:

Check in with reception at 18:15 as the event will commence at 18:30 and you won’t want to miss a thing!

The first speaker will be Aleix who will answer the question: ‘What is a blockchain and why should I care?’

Daniel will then present: ‘Data Analytics and the future of business decision making’.

After the talk, you will get the chance to meet the speakers themselves, ask questions, and network whilst enjoying some snacks and a cold beer.

Our location for the evening will be the ImaginCafé, a new, alternative space where artists, musicians and entrepreneurs all come together as a community for exhibitions, workshops, and endless different activities. It is the perfect location to host our event as it encourages people to innovate, be creative, and learn something new!

So join us at ImaginCafé on July 19th at 18:15 and discover what the basics of blockchain are and how data analytics can shape business strategy.