web developer course

Become a web developer: the professional of the future

The world is lacking web developer profiles. The demand for this kind of professional profiles is increasing but...

join Bootcamp Madrid

Improve your career prospects taking up a course at our Bootcamp Madrid

Even though we had already moved in Barcelona, we hadn’t yet in the capital. But now, since June we have new...

Java Programming Language Logo

Make room for yourself in the job market with the Java Web Development Bootcamp

Learn the most popular and used programming language – Java. Studying a Java Web Development bootcamp really opens...

Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum Code Academy students answer your FAQ’s

Starting at Ubiqum Code Academy feels like a new beginning. When starting something new, whether it’s a new school...


Take a Python course and boost your career

The world is changing fast. With technologies like machine learning and cloud computing on the rise, demand for...

full stack developer

Become a Full Stack Developer

Starting a Career as a Full Stack Developer Currently, full-stack developer is one of the most desirable jobs in...

Code programmer

What do companies look for in a code programmer?

So, do you have the coding skills? Nowadays, coding talents alone are not sufficient to secure you a dream job. If...

coding bootcamp in barcelona

What’s it like to learn at a coding bootcamp in Barcelona?

We would like to introduce you to our coding bootcamp in Barcelona. There’s a certain satisfaction about cycling to...

java for dummies

Java for beginners

Deciding to learn Java may seem scary. When learning a technical skill as programming, it’s too easy for authors or...

java basics

Java basics explained

If you are new to coding, Java basics are for you. For beginner programmers and professional programmers and web...


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