Curso javascript Barcelona

Why should you consider learning Java through a part-time course?

Although you have quite a career in your field, why is it still hard for you to find clients or better job...

big data analysis

Academia Big Data or how to become a big data analyst

Every day the amount and variety of industries that use big data analysis to develop their activity increases more...

Javascript course Barcelona

Find your Javascript course in Barcelona

If you are looking for a JavaScript course in Barcelona, at Ubiqum is where you will find the answer. Our coding...

web developer

Web developer: the job of the future

Being a web developer means everyone wants you. The world is lacking web developers’ profiles. The demand of this...

programming bootcamp

Who signs up for programming bootcamps? Discover the profile of the average student

When taking the decision of joining and signing up for further training other than college, such as for example...

web developer course

Become a web developer: the professional of the future

The world is lacking web developer profiles. The demand for this kind of professional profiles is increasing but...

join Bootcamp Madrid

Improve your career prospects taking up a course at our Bootcamp Madrid

Even though we had already moved in Barcelona, we hadn’t yet in the capital. But now, since June we have new...

java web developer course

Make room for yourself in the job market by taking up the Java Web Developer Course

Learn the most popular and used programming language. Strive for a brighter and proficient professional future by...

Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum Code Academy students answer your FAQ’s

Starting at Ubiqum Code Academy feels like a new beginning. When starting something new, whether it’s a new school...


Take a Python course and boost your career

The world is changing fast. With technologies like machine learning and cloud computing on the rise, demand for...


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