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At Ubiqum, we’re always looking for ways to give our students the best opportunity at finding fulfilling careers in tech. Our main aim is of course through our education, where we take future Web Developers and Data Analysts and give them the skills they need to make an impact in startups, multinationals, and consultancies from their first day in professional employment.

But that’s not all we focus on. 

We are in constant contact with all kinds of companies and foundations to find the best openings to take your career to the next level. The latest of these, the Zara Boost challenge, recently came from Manfred.

What is the Zara Boost challenge?

The challenge is a program aimed at accelerating the career of developers with up to three years of experience. In the heart of Zara, you’ll take your first steps, getting training that would normally take years to achieve. You’ll be mentored by top professionals and use the most advanced technology on a daily basis.

After six months of the traineeship, you will have grown in confidence and skill, and your work will be in production, available for use by millions of customers.

Clearly, this is a great move for your career, but what other benefits does the challenge hold?

Why take part in the Zara Boost challenge?

Apart from working in an environment that takes your career forward, you’ll be well compensated. If you win the challenge, you’ll be earning €30,000 per year as well as a potential €3,000 bonus and a permanent contract.

Whether you have no experience or three years, Zara will pair you up with a mentor who will guide you as you become a well-rounded developer using cutting-edge technology on your projects. Zara will pay for your transport to Galicia to meet the team and will help with your move if you join the challenge. 

How do I participate?

To be eligible for the role, all you have to do is complete the Zara Boost challenge test, which you’ll find below. It’s no walk in the park though — Zara estimates it should take around two hours to complete. Simply by completing the test, you will receive an exclusive Zara t-shirt and three months of free technical online training at OpenWebinars. 

So if this sounds like your kind of thing, or you know someone who could really benefit from it, take the test below!

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