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Almost everyone has thought about making a career change at one point or another, some being more drastic than others. Whether this is due to lack of motivation, passion, or career prospects, or any other reason for that matter, we’re here to tell you that changing careers is possible!

Is it scary? Yes. Does it feel like leaping off a cliff? For many, yes. Is it worth it? Most definitely.

If you’ve made a career for yourself you’ve no doubt invested a lot of time, money, and effort into getting where you are, so to start again from scratch might feel more than slightly overwhelming.

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At Ubiqum code academy, we have had hundreds of students who’ve left their previous jobs in order to pursue a career in tech, or more specifically, in web development and decided to learn to program. Why this field? Aside from the amazing career prospects web development offers, the fact that the field of IT and tech is so accessible makes it a great field to get into for people from all backgrounds. With the emergence of coding bootcamps like ours, absolute beginners can learn to program and code and launch their career in tech in just five months.

We wanted to share a couple of these inspiring stories with you.

Career Changer Success Stories

learn to program

Rubén Peregrina

  • Mechanic to full stack developer
  • Motivations: Professional advancement

Rubén’s story is a pretty inspiring one. He went from working in a garage as a mechanic to launching his career in web development. One of the first people to do the Web Development with Java Program back in 2016, Rubén had many concerns about making the change. After all, his professional background was in something totally unrelated.

“I actually wasn’t sure that I’d be able to finish the program or that I’d be able to get my head around it all. Though, once you complete the first project, which is to create your first website, you feel quite proud and impressed by what you’ve achieved in such a short space of time.”

Rubén did finish the program, learn to program and landed a job as a full stack developer at Spaceboost (formerly RockeRoi) within a month of completing it.

Now, 2 years on and Rubén still works for the same company that hired him, where he continues to develop his programming expertise.

Rubén’s advice to those looking to make a career change:

“It’s not easy. It’s a pretty radical change, at least it was for me, and it’s difficult to accept that all that you’ve done until now, all that you’ve studied, all the training and years you’ve invested, won’t be relevant. Like many people, I also had the economic pressure of having to support myself for 5 months whilst on the course and I had no idea if I’d even be able to find a job afterwards. But I managed it and it didn’t take me long to find a job.

In the IT and tech sector, there is always work and there are always opportunities to advance professionally. You’re never going to find yourself stagnant. The only way is up, economically and professionally.”

learn to program

Ruth Gascon

  • Audiovisual communications to full stack developer
  • Motivations: Economic stability and job satisfaction

Ruth Gascon is a great example of a successful career changer. Previously working in audiovisual communication, she found herself uninterested in the jobs available to her and desmotivated by the salaries attached to them. When she realised she needed to change careers, she was excited by the prospect of getting into web development and learn to program. But, of course, she had her concerns:

“I had this idea that if programming is not something you’ve been doing since you were a child, you’re not going to be able to do it. I had also looked at some programming languages before and done a few courses but it seemed impossible to learn how to code and I gave up before completing the courses. It wasn’t until I came to Ubiqum that I realised that anyone, at any age can learn how to program and become a Web Developer, with Java no less.”

What’s so inspiring about Ruth’s story is that, in learning to code, she found something she was really passionate about, something she hadn’t felt since leaving university.

Ruth’s advice to those looking to make a career change: “Do it! But be patient.”

“Programming is a great skill to have as the type of opportunities available to you are so much cooler than in most other sectors.”

Jordi Vidal

  • Customer service rep to back-end developer
  • Motivations: Professional and economic growth

Feeling completely stagnant in his previous job as a customer service representative, Jordi decided it was time for a change and maybe start to learn to program. After talking it through with a programmer friend, learning to code and launching a career as a developer seemed like a great option. However, Jordi didn’t only have himself to think of. Dad of three, the decision to quit his job and start a web development course was not taken lightly. However, 5 months after taking our Java Development program, Jordi landed his first job as a back-end developer for Seidor and was over the moon!

Jordi’s advice to those looking to make a career change:

“Do it! I’m going to be working in something that I love, with a much higher salary — what more could I ask for? In my previous job, I was completely stagnant as there were no opportunities for professional or economic growth. As a developer, on the other hand, the only way is up. I know that professionally as much as personally, I’m going to grow, and that’s very exciting! Doing the Java Development course is the best investment you can make. Before starting, I read that 98% of students find a job within two months of completing the course, now I can see that that’s totally true, and I’m one of them! In fact, the great majority of my group were hired even before the end of the course.”

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Andrew Padel

  • English teacher to technical solutions engineer
  • Motivations: Professional and economic growth

Andy moved to Barcelona from the U.K and started a job as an English teacher. However, he soon tired of the monotony of giving classes and earning a poor wage. As he had had some experience working alongside developers in a previous role, the thought of working as a developer really appealed, so he did some research and found Ubiqum code academy. Of course, he had so many what-ifs and the added pressure of having to support himself throughout the course. What’s great about Andy’s story is that his expectations were exceeded. He wanted to find a job that would pay him what he deserved and he found one that pays him double what he was earning as an English teacher, so he just have to learn to program!

Andy’s advice to those looking to make a career change:

“If you could see how far I’ve come in the past five months it’s really crazy. I’ve made this huge career change and can now see a bright future ahead. I would definitely recommend it!”

These are just some of the hundreds of students who have launched their new careers in web development with the help of Ubiqum. Though we’ve just featured four here, you can take a look at all of our student stories on our website and find people from all backgrounds and ages.

So, what did all these people have in common before taking our Web Development with Java course? Little or no previous coding experience and a desire to change careers. What do they all have in common now? A rewarding, fulfilling career that they can thrive in!

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