Ubiqum’s Methodology

No lectures, no subjects, no exams. You’ll be learning to program from day one. Learning by doing. Project Based.

Learn by Doing. as simple as that.


Practice first, then practice again. At Ubiqum Code Academy, we don’t do lectures, tedious subjects, or final exams. Instead of a teacher shared among many students, you’ll have personal mentor walking alongside you, deeply engaged in your learning journey until you achieve your goals. Our courses revolve around projects meticulously crafted by our product team, reflecting real-world professional scenarios in web development or data analytics.

Every student has unique skills, abilities, and learning rhythms. Our courses are meticulously crafted to adapt to any need, taking you from ‘I have no clue’ to ‘I’m a programmer or data analyst’ in just 3 months through hands-on learning. We know precisely WHAT to teach because we’ve consulted companies on their processes, tools, and languages, integrating them into our curriculum. Moreover, we excel at teaching HOW to code, thanks to Ubiqum’s learning methods developed by learning science experts with over 30 years of experience. 

How do our courses work?

All of our courses are project-centered, built around specially designed projects crafted by our product team with educational objectives in mind. Students are not required to devise their own projects; instead, they are provided with clear directives for each task. Each project mirrors real-life scenarios, organized into well-structured tasks (as outlined below). Moreover, a dedicated personal mentor is available throughout the learning journey, providing continuous guidance and support to ensure your success.

Ubiqum’s Methodology
Step 1: Your task

At each point in the course, the student is provided with a clear and concise task to perform and a specific deliverable to produce.

Step 2: Your Plan of Attack

Once the task is defined, it’s action time. You’ll find a detailed Plan of Attack, guiding you through every step to successfully tackle your task and produce the expected deliverable. Even if you’ve never done anything similar before, you’ll receive the necessary instructions to progress.

Step 3: Resources

To complete your task, you’ll need to learn and apply new concepts (theory) that we provide within the context where they are needed for producing the deliverable. We never present theory disconnected from its practical application.

Step 4: Your personal mentor support and feed-back

Your personal mentor will assist you in starting each task, resolving any doubts that may arise during the process, and reviewing your work to guide you on improvements until reaching the desired quality. Plan – do – feedback – iterarte.

Two weeks of free trial in all our courses

We understand that our training approach may initially seem too innovative and disruptive to some students. However, once they experience it, they come to appreciate and love it for the depth of learning it offers in return for their efforts.

Rather than asking you to take a leap of faith, we provide a two-week free trial for any of our courses. Take this opportunity to try it out, and once you’re confident and assured of its value, you can proceed with formal enrollment

Roger Schank - Learn by Doing

Roger C. Schank

If a Nobel Prize in Education existed, Roger deserved to be the first winner.

Ubiqum’s programs have been expertly designed and continue to be developed under the principles and methods based on the research of  one of the world’s leading visionaries in artificial intelligence, learning theory, and cognitive science, Dr. Roger Schank.

Schank founded and directed (from 1989 to 1995)  the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University in Chicago. He previously served as a professor of computer science and psychology, and was the director of the Artificial Intelligence Project at Yale University . He began his academic career at Stanford University.

In 1996, Schank left academia to apply in the real world what he had  learned from scientific research and started building and implement efficient teaching methods to adapt the educational system to meet the 21st century challenges. The Ubiqum programs are a good  example of the results.

Recognized for his influence, in 2010 and 2011, he was chosen as one of the 10 most influential people in the field of digital learning.

Dr. Schank passed away in February 2023. From Ubiqum, we pay tribute to his memory and thank him for his contributions. We remain committed to his legacy.

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