About Ubiqum

Since we started in 2016 when we launched our first course, we have helped more than 1.100 students to launch their career in IT. 

Desarrollo web con Java

Our Mission

To assist people in obtaining advanced IT skills and competencies, essential for their career succes, regardless of their location or prior background.

At Ubiqum, your career advancement is our top priority. Our programs guarantee your transformation into a skilled data analyst or web developers upon completion. Our aim is to unlock professional opportunities in these sought-after career paths. Our hands-on and flexible approach jointly with a personalized mentorship make this possible. We do not finish our job until you have your new one. 

Our Methodology

0% Lectures, 100% practical learning

All of Ubiqum’s intensive courses adopt a “Learn by Doing” methodology and are designed to help you learn the processes, tools, and skills that companies demand. With no boring lectures or exams, you will be coding from day one and work on real business projects encountered by professional data analysts or programmers in professional life. You will be able to apply what you learn in Ubiqum to your new professional position, immediately.

Our Methodology
Mentores de Ubiqum ayudando a alumnos en el bootcamp de data science en Barcelona

Our Mentors

Goodbye boring teachers. Hello motivated personal mentors.

At Ubiqum, we don’t have boring teachers who lecture a whole  cohort at once. We offer personal mentors. Our mentors are skilled in our practical learning method and the technologies you’ll learn. They’re here to support you anytime, answering questions, keeping you motivated, and guiding you through projects as you re-skill for new career opportunities. You’ll never walk alone.

beyond traditional bootcamps

The bootcamp model has reached its limit.

During our 8 years of experience, we’ve evolved beyond the traditional bootcamp model. The outdated format, where 15 – 20 students start and finish at the same time and pace, with a single mentor primarily lecturing, is no longer our approach. We invite you to explore our 100% practical, professional and  personalised courses. Test our two-week free trial and see the difference for yourself.